Select Mechanical Re-Ducting

Heating and cooling systems often suffer 30-40% air leakage or loss through thermal conduction in poorly sealed or insulated ducts. Comfort and balance issues can be indicative of poorly designed, poorly installed, or damaged ducts.

Duct repair or replacement can be one of the most cost-effective investments in energy efficiency and comfort in your business. Ductwork evaluation starts by reviewing comfort issues in your building.

Are there hot spots, cold spots, draftiness, noise, odors? Are your bills for heating and cooling excessive? These conditions can often be related to ductwork issues. Ducts can also be tested to determine the amount of leakage. The test doesn’t locate where the leakage is occurring but does indicate if a problem exists.

A visual inspection of the ducts is usually all that is needed to discover if action is necessary:

  • Broken joints and crushed ducts are often the result of workers accessing the crawl space. Whenever possible, we make the repair in a way that allows better access through the crawl space.
  • Dark staining on fiberglass insulation is indicative of duct leakage. This is easily repairable by stripping off the stained insulation, sealing the duct or fitting with a sealing compound and re-insulating the ductwork.
  • Ductwork that is poorly designed, poorly installed or badly deteriorated, should be replaced.

Select Mechanical can help with your Re-Ducting design, fabrication and installation. To arrange a consultation, please call our offices at 925-447-1500 or send us a request for an estimate;

Select Mechanical HVAC Re-Ducting