Superior indoor air quality is essential to the health and comfort of your employees. The proper air filtration system works to eradicate bothersome elements from the air you breathe. It also prevents viruses and molds from circulating through your building.

Poor indoor air quality has been shown to result in increased incidence of illness and absenteeism, reduced productivity, irritability, complaints about building odor and other health problems. These health problems may include allergies, fatigue and headaches. Poor indoor air quality is caused by airborne particles and gases or vapors that adversely affect occupant health, safety and comfort.

We install air filtration systems that work in conjunction with your heating and air conditioning system. Your system’s air filtration system will greatly reduce the percentage of dust, pollen, allergens, viruses, bacteria and molds. Additionally, indoor Air Quality Systems with charcoal filters can eliminate smoky air from fires. Ventilation for indoor air quality is also beneficial for the control of thermal comfort.

Ventilation through proper ductwork design can help reduce:

  • Hot and cold spots, drafts and stuffy air due to impeded air flow.
  • Extra wear and tear on your air conditioner since it needs to run longer and work harder to compensate for flaws in ductwork design, leading to more breakdowns and shorter equipment life.
  • Poor air quality that exposes building occupants to increased levels of dust, pollutants, fumes and even mold growth from too much humidity.
  • Unbalanced air pressure that causes odors to linger, doors to slam and distracting levels of noise.

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