Are you concerned that your HVAC system might break down soon? Do you know how long it has been since it was inspected or serviced? HVAC systems require periodic maintenance to ensure their efficient, safe, reliable operation and delivery of conditioned air with optimal comfort.

A Scheduled Maintenance Agreement with Select Mechanical will allow you to be assured of cost-effective, worry-free operation of your HVAC system. With more than 60+ years of leadership experience in the HVAC business, Select Mechanical has the professional expertise to ensure that your units run smoothly and efficiently.

Save money by signing up for one of our Scheduled Maintenance Agreements! Your HVAC equipment will run more efficiently and cost less to operate if it is serviced regularly.

21 Point Scheduled Maintenance

  1. Clean the roof top package unit exterior area (twice/year)
  2. Clean and vacuum the outdoor fan and housing area (twice/year)
  3. Clean the condensate drain pan (twice/year)
  4. Clean and vacuum the indoor fan blower and housing area (twice/year)
  5. Wash the evaporator coil with cleaning solution and water (twice/year)
  6. Wash the condensate coil with cleaning solution and water (twice/year)
  7. Inspect gas pipe connections and check for gas leaks (quarterly)
  8. Check airstream for presence of carbon monoxide (quarterly)
  9. Visually check the outdoor fan motor and lubricate as necessary (quarterly)
  10. Check the indoor fan motor and lubricate as necessary (quarterly)
  11. Readjust the alignment and tension of the indoor fan motor drive belt (quarterly)
  12. Replace air filters with new pleated filters (quarterly)
  13. Check and inspect for oil leaks (quarterly)
  14. Check for refrigerant leaks (quarterly)
  15. Check and inspect the compressor (quarterly)
  16. Check and test run the heating system (quarterly)
  17. Check and test run the cooling system (quarterly)
  18. Check all electrical components and connections and line voltage conduit condition (quarterly)
  19. Check fuse condition and amperage of fuses, L1, L2, L3 -> voltage readings and amp draw (quarterly)
  20. Clean the heat exchanger and burner compartment (once/year)
  21. Check the inducer fan motor for proper operation and seal (once/year)

Other Services

A consultation with Select Mechanical will identify any problems in your HVAC system. We can assist you with other energy saving services as well; such as plugging cracks and holes and adding insulation.

Choose Select Mechanical to keep your heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Select Mechanical can help with the service and repair of your HVAC system. To arrange a consultation, please call our offices at 925-447-1500 or send us a request for an estimate;