MideaEstablished in 1968, Midea has grown to over 100,000 employees and $23 billion in revenue in 2014. Since Midea’s public listing in 1993, the company has maintained a record of uninterrupted profitable operation every year.

Efficiency and Environmental Awareness

Midea focuses on optimization of both its operations and the design of its products to minimize environmental damage. By continuously investing in R&D to promote innovation in energy and water efficiency for its products, Midea has become an industry leader in the areas of inverter air conditioning, VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems, heat pump products, and new refrigeration applications.

In addition to implementing energy-saving practices in its facilities, Midea also focuses on minimizing resource consumption throughout the entire supply chain, including procurements and logistics.

In 2010, Midea was ranked one of the top 100 Green Enterprises in China.

Midea | HRV


The heat recovery ventilator(HRV)can reclaim heat energy lost through ventilation and reduce the room temperature fluctuation cause by ventilation process.By utilizing the most advanced technology and technics,Midea HRV has extremely good performance.The heat exchanged core is made of special paper processed with chemical treatmeng,which could realize better temperature and humidity control of the room environment.Temperature exchange efficiency is above 65% and enthalpy exchange efficiency between 50-65%.

Midea Wall mounted air conditioner

Wall-mounted/C type panel

Midea’s Wall-mounted air conditioner offers a capacity from 1.5kW to 9.0kW.


V5 X

Midea | V5XV5 X SERIES VRF offers a large capacity from 8HP up to 88HP in 2HP increments by combining 4 outdoor units. It also incorporates a range of outstanding features, wide-range outdoor and indoor units, high external static pressure, and energy saving technologies. It supports an incredible piping length of 1,000m and a level difference of 110m, making it perfect for large high-rise buildings.



Cooling Capacity: 9000-24000 Btu/h
Cooling Only and Heat Pump
Compact Design and Fashion Metal PanelMidea | Premier

Intelligent Eye Detect

AC detects human movement intelligently with a built-in infrared sensor. It is operated automatically which saves energy.